A Fear of Buttons

I love buttons; they’re like tiny pieces of art, used in a prosaic way to hold our clothes together. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to pore over my mother’s and grandmother’s button boxes. Mother of pearl shirt buttons, dark blue plastic navy uniform buttons from my dad’s gear, colorful glass buttons from summer dresses long past….. I loved them all.

ImageAs an adult, I started my own button collection, eventually filling two tins and several mason jars, as I  inherited my grandmother’s and mom’s collections, too. Currently, I’m collecting ideas for more ways to use my treasures in jewelry for my Betty’s Bead Soup collection on Etsy. The earrings in the photo with this post were made from vintage buttons from Mom’s collection, and two cute bunny buttons I acquired who-knows-where.

Imagine my shock, then, to discover a website discussing people who are afraid of or disgusted by buttons. Yep, it’s called Koumpounophobia. Wow. The Internet is a never-ending source of amazement….

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Blog of the Week: Yarn Harlot

knitting loom

I love the stuff Stephanie Pearl-McPhee writes about knitting. I don’t know why, exactly – I can only knit on a loom I bought at Hobby Lobby, since it doesn’t require two coordinated hands – but I love to hear about her choice of yarn, the patterns she picks out, the projects she’s working on. Knitting vicariously, I guess…. but too, she is FUNNY! I keep thinking, someday I’ll learn to knit, but until then, I’ll enjoy it through the eyes of Ms. Pearl-McPhee.


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Operation “Move Daddy Down the Hall” a success!

DSC06887We moved my dad today, from a one bedroom apartment to an efficiency apartment (or as my British sis-in-law calls it, a “bedsitter”) right down the hall. After weeks of sorting, tossing, boxing, planning, and moving furniture on paper, my two brothers and our spouses descended on Dad today, armed with boxes, rolling carts, a dolly, and two pick-up trucks.

Three hours later, everything was moved and all that’s left is minor cosmetic organizing, disposal of a few more things (some books, files, magazines, and the like), and final labeling of shelves and storage boxes. It was a huge job, but we managed it in three hours, with no bloodshed or raised voices. I do believe in miracles, thanks for asking….

However, it did leave me with a case of the twitches, as I consider what it would be like if our children had to do the same for us. We have way more stuff than we need or use. I haven’t set any 2013 resolutions, but if I did, one would definitely be, “Go through  every room and remove stuff we don’t need/use/like and pass it on.” There’s always Goodwill, Global Connection [a local parachurch group that ministers to foreign nationals who attend college here in town], The Daughter Project [a local parachurch group that ministers to girls who have escaped sex trafficking], the public library…. I’m sure there are other places we can bless, too. Maybe my 2013 verse needs to be 1 Tim. 6:6 –

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”

But – I think I’m too attached to my stuff. I know I am, really. And I’m definitely surrounded by too much. God is not a God of chaos, and He doesn’t want us to live in chaos, either. I need to figure out how to make our house and its contents reflect God’s order and creativity. Operation “Order in the Winslow Home” will commence in 3…2…1… GO!

Pray for me…..

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Blog of the Week: Canon Fodder


I love pictures of nature, especially when all I can see out my kitchen  window is snow. And more snow. This picture is of the trellis my husband built against the side of the gardening shed. My friend Frank, who’s a Canadian photographer, has lots more dazzling shots on his blog, Canon Fodder. Enjoy the sight of non-snow…. I know I am!


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Happy New Year!!


I don’t have time tonight for a post of any depth, but did want to tell all my followers and friends “Happy New Year!” May 2013 be your best year yet! God bless…..

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Blog of the Week: Running with Sisters

Ok, I know I said I’d post a new favorite blog every weekend, but Christmas preps have a way of sidetracking the best-organized of us, and I’m not one of those rare creatures at the best of times. So, let’s try again. My choice for last weekend was (and still is) Running with Sisters, starring the O’Neil sisters and their creative ideas for organizing, crafting, and repurposing. I love their style! Go check them out…. http://runningwithsisters.com/

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You could spend many hours every day cruising the Internet and reading blogs, looking for ones that strike your fancy. Crafting, cooking, philosophical muttering, funny stuff, political rants – all that and more, right at your fingertips. Do you have a favorite (besides mine, of course….)? Post it in the comments after mine, so we can all go take a look.

I already have some listed permanently on my blogroll, along with a few favorite websites, but there’s a new one I found today in the comments that is a lovely combo of all the things I like best in a blog. Check it out, then let me know where you like to go for reading enjoyment. Check back each weekend for a new blog or website that I think you might like. And have a lovely weekend, y’all!

(PS For those of you who get an email each time I post, please forgive the dozens you must have gotten today while I wrestled with this post, which did not want to cooperate…)

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