Keeping It Real

Funny how, when you’re talking about something you think is important, God is always faithful to move it from head knowledge to heart knowledge, as one of our former pastors used to say. After posting about divine interruptions on Sunday, God brought me several today. Thankfully, my first thought on waking up this morning had been, “God, if You’ve got something special You want me to do today, please point it out to me, because otherwise, I’ve got a full day scheduled!”

And then, He came along and rearranged the whole day: arranged conversations with several sisters from our church, cancelled a class, moved my visit to Dad, made room for a meeting with a girl I used to mentor, and shortened the dentist visit. Best part was going along with it. Life is so much more peaceful when you figure out what He wants you to do, and do it and nothing else, instead of making your own plans and trying to get Him to rubber stamp bless them.

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