Mother’s Day Thoughts

ImageMother’s Day has been a bittersweet holiday for years, ever since my oldest daughter died and I had to divide myself between happy feelings (celebrating my own mama’s life and accepting the love of my other children) and grief (missing my oldest child desperately). The last two years have been even harder, with children moved out or busy and my mom in heaven. But today I was reminded by a number of people (not all of them in any way related) that I am loved and my daughter is remembered. All in all, despite it all, life is good.

This poem is for my mama….

One Last Poem for Mama

Mama loved her flowers and she often said,

“Bring me flowers now and don’t wait till I’m dead!”

She loved when winter passed and all the snow was gone,

And spring brought blooming flowers and a greening lawn.

But Mama didn’t make it to another spring;

Instead, she spends her Aprils hearing angels sing

And walking down the streets made out of gold,

Filled with all the joy her heart can hold,

Free from pain, from sorrow, and from fear,

While we buy flowers, wishing she was here.

-B. Winslow

May 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all!

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