Homesick for the Unknown

A Facebook friend of mine, Kay Moser, just got back from a trip to England, and I’ve been drooling over her posted photos and struggling with jealousy the whole time. I’ve wanted to visit England since I was about 8; many of the books I loved as a child were based in England (A Little Princess, Ballet Shoes, Winnie the Pooh…) and the first adult book I remember reading (at the age of 10, I think) was Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians. To walk down the streets of London, explore the countryside, have a real English tea in an ancient home, see the Tower and Big Ben, shop the antique stores and carboot sales (OK, even in England, I’m a sucker for rummage sales…) – yes, please!

Actually, though, my desire to be in England is more than just a wish, it’s more like a burning need, a homesickness that makes no sense, because how can you be homesick for a place you’ve never been?

Then, I think about how many of us spend our whole lives longing for a place we’ve never been – the original earth, before sin ruined it all – when humankind was innocent and walked in the cool of the day with the Creator Himself. And we long for heaven, where we will be eternally at peace with God and each other. No more tears. No more pain. No more goodbyes.

So, apparently it is possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been. The good news is, by surrendering to the lordship of Christ in my life and to His plans for my life and walk, someday I will get to heaven (thank you, Lord, for Your sacrifice making that even remotely possible…) and it will be beyond anything wonderful I’ve ever seen or imagined! But will I ever get to England?  Maybe. Some day. Hey, anyone want to take up a collection to send me? I’ll bring you back some tea….

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One Response to Homesick for the Unknown

  1. Barbara Childers says:

    Let’s take up a collection for both of us…many of my family still lives there. I’m one of the few of my sibs who have not been there yet….great analogy, Betty…

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