Independence Day

My hometown had their fireworks a day early (why, I’m not sure) but my husband and I went anyway. We never miss – I’m a sucker for fireworks, any time of the year. However, I must admit I have a special love for the ones shot off for our country’s birthday. Not only was the 4th of July one of my late daughter’s favorite holidays, which she always tried to come home for, but the fireworks themselves remind me every year of how blessed I am to live in the USA. How so, you ask?

We live in a free country where it is perfectly legal for large groups of people to assemble for all kinds of things, even blowing things up (carefully supervised, of course), but even more importantly, we live where explosions and fiery displays can be enjoyed as entertainment, not feared as destruction.

When I think about areas of the world where “bombs bursting in air” are not just part of a verse in a song about a historical event, but are a dangerous reality of daily life; when I remember that many members of our military are in danger from exploding things even as I write this; when I think of all the men and women down through the ages who have sacrificed their lives to make it possible for me to sit in comfort and safety watching fireworks on this day – all I can say is, Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be part of this country. And thank you, my fellow Americans, for making  our freedom possible. Words will never be enough….

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