Grief Work Redux

   Warning: I’m in a philosophical mood. Feel free to go do something else while I drivel on for a bit….. FB friends, this is a repeat. You’ve been warned.
   Life eventually brings you grief…. the loss of a child, of a parent, of a relationship, of your health and youth, even the losses your friends and loved ones go through, with you helpless to take the pain away… and you must be brave enough and strong enough to wrestle with it, to work at it, to reach a point where life is bearable again.
   Then, if you’re like me, you wrap the grief in tissue paper, sprinkle it with lavender, and stow it on a shelf in your mental closet with a sigh of relief. “There, *that’s* done!”, you think.
   It’s not.
   Days will still come when you wake up and there it is, off the shelf, polished and bright, sitting on the kitchen table with a note attached: “Dear One, you need to work on this some more. I’ll help, if you’ll let me. Love, Dad”.
   Today’s one of those days. My fig trees are blossoming and there’s fruit on the vine, but this is the cry of my heart this morning….
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One Response to Grief Work Redux

  1. There are those days and sometimes just moments. Very much appreciated this!

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