You could spend many hours every day cruising the Internet and reading blogs, looking for ones that strike your fancy. Crafting, cooking, philosophical muttering, funny stuff, political rants – all that and more, right at your fingertips. Do you have a favorite (besides mine, of course….)? Post it in the comments after mine, so we can all go take a look.

I already have some listed permanently on my blogroll, along with a few favorite websites, but there’s a new one I found today in the comments that is a lovely combo of all the things I like best in a blog. Check it out, then let me know where you like to go for reading enjoyment. Check back each weekend for a new blog or website that I think you might like. And have a lovely weekend, y’all!

(PS For those of you who get an email each time I post, please forgive the dozens you must have gotten today while I wrestled with this post, which did not want to cooperate…)

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