A Fear of Buttons

I love buttons; they’re like tiny pieces of art, used in a prosaic way to hold our clothes together. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to pore over my mother’s and grandmother’s button boxes. Mother of pearl shirt buttons, dark blue plastic navy uniform buttons from my dad’s gear, colorful glass buttons from summer dresses long past….. I loved them all.

ImageAs an adult, I started my own button collection, eventually filling two tins and several mason jars, as I  inherited my grandmother’s and mom’s collections, too. Currently, I’m collecting ideas for more ways to use my treasures in jewelry for my Betty’s Bead Soup collection on Etsy. The earrings in the photo with this post were made from vintage buttons from Mom’s collection, and two cute bunny buttons I acquired who-knows-where.

Imagine my shock, then, to discover a website discussing people who are afraid of or disgusted by buttons. Yep, it’s called Koumpounophobia. Wow. The Internet is a never-ending source of amazement….

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2 Responses to A Fear of Buttons

  1. Karen says:

    I have a fear of running out of Ballreich’s … its called nomochipophobia.

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