Real Worship

I’ve been in many situations where worship was the only possible remedy: surviving the death of our daughter, walking with friends through the loss of their daughter’s fiance, waiting for the results of a lumpectomy, sitting by the bed of my mom in the ICU…. worship has been the answer to so many questions, the cure for so much of what has ailed me.

In my life, worship manifests itself most often in music, and I like what Matt Redman, one of my favorite worship leaders, had to say about it: “Worship songs can’t just be rooted in culture – they won’t be deep enough. They have to be rooted in scripture.”

But if you want to fully understand worship, this sermon (heard at our church a few weeks ago) may be the best thing you’ve ever heard. In 44 years of being a Christian, I’ve sat through many sermons and worship services, and I’ve read many books on the topic,and no one has ever hit the nail on the head like Greg did with this.  Listen – you’ll be glad you did! (Full disclosure: the speaker is my nephew, the youngest son of my older brother, as well as our current worship leader. And it’s *still* the best thing I’ve ever heard on this!)


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